INMESA was established in 1962 in Barcelona. It was specialized in high quality and precise products as it was bronze bayonet fitting.

Some years later, INMESA added plastic products in its catalogue. One of its main product was Outside & Inside mirrors.

In 1973 due to high demand in the line of mirrors, and the success and quality production, INMESA specializes in this product. Making its way and leading the commercial vehicle sector in vans, trucks and buses.

INMESA currently has a structure built 5000m where are located the areas of engineering and product development, production and quality.



We have traceable lines and a multitude of exclusive custom assembly positions. INMESA has 10 plastic injection molding machines from 60-500 tons.

Due to our history and implantation, nearly 100% of common industrialization technologies are included in our product portfolio metals, plastics, resins, foams, electronic, glass.

Using techniques as diverse as micro fusion, injection, machining, rotational molding, rim, fibers, 3D printing, thermoforming, laser cutting, etc.



INMESA`s Engineering Department is composed of high qualified engineers, ready to meet the needs of customers and developments in accordance with the regulations.

INMESA has the capacity to develop the project from the idea to the SOP, through development, 3D design. FEA and prototyping. The engineering department dispose:
  • Microscribe3D scanner
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Prototyping department
  • Painting chamber
  • CAD & CAE station


In 2014, we began our international expansion with the creation of a production plant in the state of Queretaro, Mexico. Thus strengthening the internationalization of our brand and products.

We unify the background and experience of INMESA with the flexibility and capacity to serve from the proximity to our customers.

It is a small company fully operational reporting directly to the Catalan headquarters, and functions as a production and distribution of products that deal directly with customers to align them according to the demands of the Mexican, South American and US market.


INMESA is provider of one of the leading manufacturers of light trucks which supplies more than 300 mirrors per day. It is also supplier of some of the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles, buses and coaches, both nationally and internationally.

For its size INMESA can satisfy mass production, but also manufacture exclusive products to its customers with great flexibility in delivery. We can serve from single units to annual schedules of thousands of units.


INMESA has ISO 9001/2015 certificate. It has traceability systems, dimensional control and machine vision.

INMESA has its own laboratory where several test can be carried out.
  • Salt spray test
  • Vibration analysis bench
  • Climatic chamber with UV
  • Painting control
  • Durability test against vibrations
  • Analysis of raw material, melting point, composition, hardness, etc.
  • Thickness analysis
  • Microscope
  • Pendulum for outside mirrors breaking test and folding
  • Laser ray